Monday, November 30, 2009

Great! Illustrated Classics

I discovered these a couple of years ago and started stocking up slowly. We have maybe ten of them, but not all of them have been read yet. That's because there is so much GREAT stuff out there to read! These books are perfect on many levels because they retain the essence of the story being told, but the print is larger, the story is shorter, and the text is broken up with illustrations every now and then. If you read these aloud, you'll get the benefit of going back to revisit some stories from your childhood, or maybe introducing yourself to a classic story for the first time.

If you spy a copy by this publisher at your library, pick it up and see what you think. Click on the links under the books to grab more information - these are just a few examples. You can see the entire collection at Oh - and it looks like you can read the first chapter of most, if not all, of the books as a .pdf by clicking on the link next to each book on their site. The books on this site are running around $7-$8 each, can also be found used on Amazon or you've got a good chance of finding them at the library.

This will be used as part of our upcoming unit study on whales and dolphins.

I loved this book while growing up and lost myself in her story. I could practically taste the cheese and bread Heidi's grandfather made for her.

Read it. Captain Nemo was a tormented man.........

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