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Me in the throes of a messy planning project of some sort.  I am happy to report that I've gotten much more organized over the years!

I am a mom living in the Southwest (USA) on a learning adventure with our fifteen year old about all kinds of things, one of them being the homeschooled life.  We have primarily learned at home from 4th grade onward, with a stint at a charter school for 7th grade.  The 2014-2015 school year will represent our first year of homeschooling high school.

We have utilized a very eclectic approach via unit studies, online curricula and a whole bunch of fun material that you can find on this blog.  I put a lot of energy into finding quirky and clever resources that make learning fun.  The posts working backward from November, 2012 focus on those materials which are well suited for the 9-12 year old (in all of us!)  You can peruse by clicking on the subject topics in the left margin on the blog; you will find oodles of terrific items and ideas to engage your children.  I thoroughly enjoyed sharing all of these clever teachers, authors, games, unit studies, and books over the past few years..........so much is out there to help make learning a pleasure for anyone.  The key is finding what sparks your children and then turning them loose!  I believe learning happens best when the material is meaningful to the child; thus we've gradually been testing the waters of following our noses and unschooling.

Highschool is right around the corner.  Wish us luck!  I'll still be sharing the learning resources I find, how our process changes, and what we learn in the days ahead.  If anything in our experience can benefit another person or family, well, that's the point.  We learn from tangible items we can hold in our hands, from life experience, and we learn from one another.  Welcome to High on Homeschool.  I'm really glad you stopped by.

And a shameless plug - I am a photographer with a penchant for abstract and wildly colorful art; My work hangs in galleries and I participate in art shows and fairs around the region.  If you are the least bit intrigued, click on the link to see what I like to do with a camera and my imagination.

Vicki Mlady Fine Art

Make learning fun and remember to let creativity get the BEST of you!

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