Saturday, January 2, 2010

Rat-a-Tat-Cat - Math Game that Challenges Memory

I already mentioned this game under the previous 'Math Games' post, but seeing that we played it over and over and over during the holiday break, I'd like to focus on it a bit more closely!

This game was a huge hit with the kids who visited us (ages 6, 8 and Max, of course, age 10), and with the grown ups who were lurking around the premises as well. The game always seemed to be on somebody's mind; it was brought to the table again and again. It's fun and addicting, just like dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is rumored to be good for the brain, so using a sound principle of reasoning, Rat-a-Tat-Cat must be good for your brain, too.

Here's a picture of the game.  It's a game of strategy, MEMORY, and addition. The memory component is particularly welcome at this stage of my life, being that I forget lots of stuff and could benefit from some work in this area. I chuckled inwardly many times as I noted just how many adults forgot what cards they had while playing this game - seems to be a common theme among us older folks. Just when did the early 40's become old??? Ack.

The kids, on the other hand, didn't have much of a problem remembering what was in their hands and used that knowledge to their advantage. It's a simple game to play, takes just a few minutes, and can handle up to six players at a time. By the time you gather up the cards at the end of the round, you'll want to deal them out to get another round started. Basic addition is the last task to add up what you have in your hand - good practice for all concerned.

Gamewright is a fun little company; they are the creators of Rat a Tat Cat. Check them and their game offerings out.

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