Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Passport to Culture

I just placed this game on my wish list.  I LOVE educational games and enjoy browsing for them and finding good prices for them. Occasionally you stumble upon a gem, and this game might be one of those.  It's great to learn about the countries of the world and figure out where they are located on the globe; it's even better to become acquainted with the people and cultures inhabiting all of those countries, don't you think? 

We are watching Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman take a motorcycle journey all the way down through Africa, 10,000 plus miles in their series called The Long Way Down.  Max occasionally joins us for an episode, but be warned, there is some stronger language and adult-isms scattered throughout the episodes.  It is a brilliant journey in that Charley and Ewan are learning about the people of Africa, their ways of daily life, their customs and rituals.  This is the part that I am most curious about and I find myself wanting to know more.  Right now (with respect to the episode we'll watch next) they are heading into Rwanda.  I am enjoying this nightly ritual and love it when we find a series we can watch, especially when we find one we can all watch together comfortably as a family.  Learning together!  That's a big part of homeschooling.

This game would serve to help satiate some of the curiosity one might feel about how people of other countries live:

From Amazon:  Race forward in international geography, history, and cultural knowledge! You'll learn a lot quickly, this game is your passport to culture, geography, languages, and fascinating world discoveries! Go beyond basic geography game knowledge and make connections to broader global thinking! Passport to Culture is the unique, exciting multi-cultural board game where players circle the globe, uncovering mysteries of our amazing world. Test your knowledge of world cultures from Andorra to Zimbabwe. Travel north, east, south or west, visiting all the countries in between. Challenge your CQ (Cultural Intelligence) with fascinating, fun-filled questions about people and places, food and drink, world treasures, greeting and gestures, pivotal historical events, customs and traditions.

I'm already having fun just thinking about playing this game and learning.  


  1. And I added Long Way Down to my Netflix queue, thanks!

  2. I caved last night and ordered it - it just looks too good!

  3. Enjoy the series. Their first one was called The Long Way Around documenting their trip through South America (I think). Just note that there are grown me using colorful language here and there :)

  4. Wow, looks like a really fun game. Thanks for the suggestion(s).

  5. You bet! Looking forward to playing this one....

  6. Long Way Round went across Europe and Asia, then the US (boring bit). The lack of infrastructure in some places we don't think of as lacking that regard was staggering. GREAT show.


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