Sunday, January 2, 2011

Do You Klutz?

First off, I am one and always have been - a clutz.  I trip and drop things, bump into anything in proximity and generally hurt myself regularly.  Grace is not on my radar screen, but bumbling is!  Maybe that's why I have some affection for this company, Klutz. 

One of their latest offerings is this book about animation:

Bells and whistles for this one!  It's GREAT.  Max has had his nose buried in it since Christmas Day and he's downloaded the software, ready to set about making some silly movies.  It even comes with a small square of plasiticine clay so that you can mold your own little critters and carry out some claymation animation.

I plan to incorporate this into our school days and to let him run wild with it - mainly because he is showing a very big interest in it and that's when I need to buck up and pay attention.  Interest-led learning has all the elements of pleasurable homeschooling, particularly for the child.  Happy child = happy mom, so I'm going to try much harder in 2011 to let Max lead the way.

Just a whole lot of fun with Klutz and some valuable skill building, too.  Hopefully we won't hurt ourselves!

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