Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Something BIG is Coming

If you've spent any time on my blog, you might have noticed that we are a bit over-the-top with animals.  Maybe that's me and it just trickles down into the family, but I haven't seen anybody picketing in the backyard against the numbers.  Most of the time I am the impetus behind a new critter and having an uber-tolerant husband has been nothing short of wonderful.  The deal is, I bring someone new into the family, I take care of the new someone.  Sometimes I get kinda' tired!  But to me, the animals provide a level of connection that you often just can't find with most humans.  Max would agree.  He's nuts about the goats, dogs, cats and chickens.

After almost sixteen years of marriage, my husband has decided that it's time.  Time for a GREAT DANE!  Meet Noel and her babies:

Gary has always gone "soft" around Great Danes.  The Dane seems to be his dog.  Pups should be ready for their new families in December.  I think we'll be bringing home a female - get ready for the lovin'!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we are seeking out Cesar's wisdom, looking at puppy classes and are reading about how to wrangle multiple dogs, one in particular who will likely weigh 120 pounds or so.  Here is what's on my reading list:

Started this last night.  Puts dogs in a whole new realm of their very own, as it should be.  I always suspected that we over-anthropomorphize our furry friends!

This is available as a free download HERE - yay!

Hope the library has it!

Patricia McConnell has several good offerings in dog training books, too.  
Also reviewing basic house training and crate training protocol as it's been about four years since we last did that stuff.  We're all on board for helping her grow up to the best of our abilities.  And what a terrific opportunity for Max to help me with all this reading!

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