Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Settling Down.......But Wait!

This is a sure sign that things are settling down around here..........I'm adding more animals to the family!  Well, one is temporary since we are just babysitting him until the weekend.  He arrived today.  Out came the camera so I could capture his uber cuteness.  The other new little monster I'll blog about when she gets here this week - she's an entirely "different animal"!

The last one is kind of artsy, don't you think?  Bunny butts are cute.  He's a 6 week old Flemish Giant rabbit whom we are watching over until Friday; then he'll go to his newest and bestest home.  Flemish are the largest breed of rabbits and in my opinion, have the best personalities.  They are a lot like dogs and will follow you around, come when called (sometimes - even I don't always go to the source when I am called) and generally make your life more happy.  They can grow to about 20 pounds or so, so you need adequate housing/space for them, preferably not in a wire cage since they are so heavy and can develop sores on their feet.  They do well with a fenced off area and a small dog house, love the winters and don't cause much of a ruckus.  Some loyalists keep their pet Flemish in the house and provide a dog door for their comings and goings.  They live only about five years, which is rather sad.  Just like giant breeds of dogs, they burn out quickly with their mass.

We'll enjoy him while he's here, that's for sure!

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