Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Thoughts About Being Busy

It seems that nearly everyone you talk to is "busy".  I hear comments such as, "this has been a crazy week!", or, "it's really coming out of the woodwork now", or, "I am so far behind".  I have been thinking about the commonality of these statements and how they seem to be the norm in many people's minds.  It makes for a good thoughtful study in what people prioritize or how they conduct daily life; I find all of this fascinating.

One of the reasons we chose to homeschool was to try and avoid the mad rushing about to get to activities, get homework done, practice the instrument, finish the book report, study for the test.  Mornings were a thorough drag when we had to be at the school building by 8:30 a.m.  The days clipped by so quickly and we felt disconnected from one another.  I do not miss the 'corporate' schedule at all and am sincerely grateful for the quiet time we get to spend at home without the perceived pressure of appointments/tasks/lists.  Homeschooling allows family members a great deal of freedom to live out their days in whatever manner they choose.  That quiet time also allows for plenty of reflection about what is important.

Now, having expressed all of that, I feel the need to tell you how busy we've become (and what we are doing about it)!  Just kidding.  Yes, the last two weeks have been unusual mainly because we're taking steps to move to another house and sell this one; busy under those circumstances is a given!  It's part and parcel of moving and I'm accepting it as the temporary status quo.  This too shall pass and we'll hopefully assume the more relaxed routine we've come to enjoy in a few weeks.  The move is worthwhile because we are motivated to downsize, purge, clean out and start fresh.  Stuff is overrated!  Clearing out the clutter has been liberating.  You should try it if you haven't ever gone on a clutter-purging rampage.  Craiglist and Freecycle have served this quest well.  Freecycle's mission is to keep things out of the landfill and that's something to be respected.

On top of purging, packing, parceling and planning, I have learned that I have a pelvic mass that is going to need to come out, sooner rather than later.  Yesterday I was rather wigged out about the entire ordeal and didn't function very well.  Today, after a good night's sleep, I have felt better able to make arrangements and keep moving forward.  The next few weeks will be 'different', but I'm confident we'll manage with the help of friends and family as needed.

I could complain about how busy the days have been, how buried we could feel with so many things to do, how worried I could get about having surgery, how worn out we could all become, but I am not going to that place.  I'd rather take one morning or afternoon or evening at a time and do what we can do and be happy with the process.  Someone said to me today that a life based on what gets done is not a life that should be pursued.  It's much more about learning and growing and spending your time immersed in activities you enjoy, hanging out with people you want to be with.  Unschooling suits that mission so well and I'm very glad we've been running with it.  

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