Saturday, November 22, 2014

Elvis is in the House!!

Throughout this blogging adventure I've posted updates about our animal family, the big and little furry ones who prowl around the house with us.  Most days they are all sacked out on various pieces of furniture, waiting for something exciting to happen.  Sometimes exciting things do happen!  People come over!  A car drives by!  The Fed Ex guy comes a calling.  Our Dane LOVES the Fed Ex guy so when I see him creeping up the long driveway in his van, I open the door and let the Dane out.  He barrels full bore toward the poor man.  They wrestle for a bit and then commence with business.  Everybody leaves happy - I get my package, Coby gets butt scratches and the Fed Ex guy gets a good dose of big dog.

As of Thursday we have a new little guy in the family and I couldn't be more excited about him.  His name is Elvis.  He's approximately two years old and is a Chihuahua/Doxie mix adopted from Lap Dog Rescue of New Mexico, a group I have been working with of late.  They work to re-home the smaller dogs of the world whether they come from shelters, are owner surrendered, or are strays.  In October of this year they adopted out 33 dogs.  Their success is attributed to a hard-working team of volunteers and foster folks who rehab dogs and get them ready for their new families.  I have been very impressed with this group.

Elvis and Me!

I met Elvis about a month ago at an adoption event.  Two weeks ago I saw him at another event, but this time carried him around almost the whole time.  What a little gentleman.  All four pounds of him stole my heart. 

He's adjusting to his new digs very well and appears to even like the cat.  I'm so happy to have him with us.  He makes the teenager smile, too. 

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