Monday, December 28, 2009

Intellego Unit Studies

Okay, as much as I love to pull a unit study together, to search for just the right mix of materials while keeping Max's personality in's a lot of work! Not complaining, mind you. Just making an observation and wondering how long I can keep this up with respect to my energy level. Plus, there are always the nagging questions in the back of my mind - are we covering the subject adequately? Are we just skimming the surface? Can I pull some more science into this to make it even more fun and engaging? What might be missing?

Granted, trial and error is a big component of homeschooling. I admire the moms and dads and grandparents who have fifteen plus years of homeschooling in their back pockets! Wow - what an adventure and what a learning curve they have experienced. And I bet some of them can whip up a unit study in a blink of an eye or off the top of their heads.

Today, someone tipped me off to the Intellego Unit Studies. Naturally I skipped right over to their website to take a gander. When I saw them I realized that I had run into them once before on the Currclick website, but this time I took a more careful look. The unit on whales was the one I looked at with the most scrutiny, since that's what we are tackling right now.

Taken directly from their site their mission statement reads as such:

"At Intellego Unit Studies, our mission is to deliver comprehensive, web-linked, multi-sensory unit studies that are grounded in research based on learning style theory and Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences. "

Fair enough. I watched the video demonstration about the whale unit and liked what they had to offer. It is quite broad in scope and you can get as detailed as you wish about different topics. It is geared to late elementary or middle school children, so good fit there. I won't lay out the unit study here because you can easily see for yourself whether these would work for your situation. The best part is that it is all layed out for you. For those times when you are just too weary to move your fingers about the keyboard for research, or to make the trip to the library and lug home 120 books on said subject.

I see the Intellego Unit Studies as a possibility and will probably try one, going with that old 'trial and error' thing. Currently they have about six studies available for K-2 and twenty-four studies for older elementary/middle schoolers.

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