Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fidgets - Buckyballs

Max can't put these down.  He must have read the tagline on the insert that came with the mini magnet wonder fidget toy - "the toy you can't put down!" 

I did a post awhile back about fidgets.  You can see it HERE, if you like.  There are lots of great suggestions for keeping the fingers busy for all of those kinesthetic learners out there.  My kiddo can truly concentrate much better if he has something in his hands to manipulate while he's working.  Either that or he plays with his hair up near his forehead.  I try to keep stuff handy for him to grab when he has to sit down and focus.

The Bucky Balls (the original) are a big hit with many people and are showing up on desks all across the nation.  It's important to keep in mind that these should not be given to small children, though!!  REALLY important.  Swallowing more than one little magnet ball can be fatal as they can find one another while in the intestinal tract and cause all kinds of unpleasant complications.  There are videos on You Tube to help you learn to manipulate this little gizmo, too.  It's way fun, spatial, and satisfying to have in your hands while pointing your brain in another direction.

And the knock-off version, which is priced more humanely:

I'm surprised by all of the objects Max can build with these already.  They come with a nifty little carrying case, so you can tote them anywhere easily.  Also - the best part - because the balls are magnetic, they don't go flying all over the place, even though you can't help but think that they will just by looking at them!  It takes you a few tries with them to realize that they will indeed all stay in one place.


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