Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Flash on InsideStory

I picked up a pack of these flashcards at a toy store (filled to the brim with stuff) at the 5th Street Market in Eugene, Oregon last week.  Max and I have gone through them a couple of times to learn some new words in a very clever and giggle-some way.

Sorry, I can't get the entire picture to upload here.......the bottom quote says, "five bucks says the cat's a jumper".  The word that you are supposed to become familiar with in context is 'Rapt'.

The bottom of this card says, "okay, how is my breath now?"  The word is 'malodorous'.

You get the idea.  Silly animal photographs illustrating vocabulary words!  The smiling dachshund is probably the best picture, in my opinion.  There are 60 flashcards in a pack and each deck is suited to age 12 and up.  I even brushed up on a few old words. 

The company is called InsideStory and is based in Seattle.  They currently offer three sets of flashcards:  cats and dogs, animals, and Seattle.  Not to knock the company because I think this is a great idea for introducing new words, but their prices are a bit high.  It could be fun to take this into your own (cheap) hands by looking up your own silly animal pictures and working with your child to come up with some corresponding vocabulary words that match the photo.  Or you could make up your own set and add more difficult words as you see fit.

Here is InsideStory's website in case you want to go take a gander.  Try not to gasp at the prices.  I am hoping I can sell mine again for maybe half price when we are finished with them! 

The website scores bonus points because they offer many FREE printable flashcards, too!  I didn't figure that out, though, until after I made the purchase.  Still, a fun deck to thumb through and pull out if you are looking to learn some new words.   

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