Thursday, February 3, 2011

Books Read Recently

Reading aloud has been a cornerstone to our learning days.  My voice has become much stronger since we started, that's for sure!  I still yawn a lot, though, while I'm reading.  Do you do that?  And it's always at a good part, too.  Have to pause, suck in some fresh air, and forge onward.  I just yawned while typing this......weird suggestive concept, those yawns.  Did you just yawn?  How about now?  Can I say 'gotchya' yet?

Here's what's on our reading list right now.  Some have been completed, others are still biding their time on the shelf, communing with the other books sitting there.  Nothing like a good book to pass the hours with!  Yesterday I was marveling at a homeschooling mom who has her daughter do incredible poster-sized book reports using a curriculum called Moving Beyond the Page (MBTP).  I showed the picture of the poster to Max because I was duly impressed by that 10 year old's grasp of the character development in the book she had read; Max wrinkled his nose.  Which tells me he's not interested in doing amazing book reports using MBTP.  Rats.  There's still hope for next year?  He just plain likes to be read to and we discuss as we go.  Sometimes there is plenty to discuss.

So, here's the list as of late:

Max is a boy.  Max loves this series.  I loved this series while growing up, too.  Got to get our hands on the DVD's and watch a few episodes so he can see what those are like, too.

Max gave it a 3 out of 10.  I gave it a 10 out of 10.  I loved the lilting language, the vivid imagery, Mr. Grahame's crafty way with words.  We got 3/4's through and Max pulled the plug.  I'm secretly finishing it.  That Toad is one dastardly fellow sometimes!

E.B. White is, of course, a master at bringing animals and their plights to life.  We both adored this book.  The theme statement we decided on is this:  "True friends always stand by you".

As part of our early American history quest.........haven't started yet.  

Let's just say this will give us another perspective!

Read this one today.  One of history's mysteries!  What happened to those people??  Granted, this was a little tricky to follow in parts and I know I lost Max in a few places.  I had to go back and reread a few paragraphs just to try to piece all of the characters together.  Jane Yolen has also written a book on the subject - it's a bit more simplified, which would have been a better choice, for at least us.

Written by Jane Yolen.  To be read next.

Fond memories of this one, too!  

Have long been a fan of the Great Illustrated Classics series, although it will be awhile before we'll be able to read Frankenstein.........he doesn't like those kinds of books.

Three cheers and then some for these authors and David Antram as the illustrator.  WONDERFUL series and wish we could have them ALL.  You'll learn a figurative ton about a very big statue that has a very big and positive impact.

Ooo.  Al Capone was a very bad man.  

A look at the Oregon Trail through the eyes of a bunch of cats.  Clever.

These books are itching to be read!  Usually we go with whatever mood we happen to be in, but I have a waiting shelf packed with books from which to choose.  Hope any number of them find their way to your shelves, too!  Happy reading!

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