Friday, February 4, 2011

Khan Academy

Here's a 'blow-your-mind' resource that is worth a peek.  Sal might just become a household name for you and your family!  It seems he has amassed quite a following of fans, students all over the world looking for help with more than math. 

Salman Khan is an MIT/Harvard grad who tossed his career managing hedge funds for a non-paying job as a teacher recording videos on YouTube.  He has recorded 1,000 plus lectures/tutorials on everything from the multiplication table to secondary active transport in the nephron to the French Revolution to venture capital tips.  He has a well-educated brain to say the least!  I have been taking in a few of his videos this evening and my wheels are spinning about how to incorporate some of his basic arithmetic videos into our curriculum.

When you watch a video, all you see is a black screen and various fluorescent numbers and text as Sal talks you through whatever material he is teaching.  His voice is pleasant, he is humorous at times, and he encourages you to keep learning, keep practicing - that your brain can do this!  I believe him!

The lectures are FREE.  They are valuable.  You could probably cover most of your educational goals just by hanging with Sal over the course of his offerings.  Your brain would certainly expand in directions you never thought possible!

He offers exercises that can be done after many of the math lectures, too.  I am impressed with what he is doing, all for the sake of teaching and helping others. 

Go watch some of Sal's videos and then watch the CNN, ABC News, NPR, etc. recordings about Sal and his quest (they are offered on his Academy page, too).  Then send in a few dollars to help him support his wife and child!  He's hoping to make a living at what he does, and I bet as of now he's been able to reach that goal via donations and some minor advertising.   

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