Friday, June 3, 2011

June Giveaway at Secular Homeschool is a GOOD one!

Several weeks ago my little eye spied this very cool manipulative math set that teaches algebra and my heart quickened!  Really, it did.  It does that when I stumble upon something that fits into a hole I am looking to fill, if that makes any sense.  Algebra looms on the horizon and instead of us looking out at dark and stormy clouds a way out there, I'd rather look forward to sunny skies dappled with some puffy white clouds - you know, the kind that are shaped like animals or things you can recognize!

Low and behold, Hands-On Equations is being given away to a lucky homeschooler during June at, one of my weekly haunts!  I love the people on this forum!  So much experience, support, curriculum ideas and encouragement is just a click away.  Here's the link for June's giveaway:

Hands on Equations offers a way to play with algebra visually and kinesthetically to develop strategies for setting up and solving equations.  All you need to do is to watch a quick demonstration video or two to grasp how effective their method is in teaching algebraic concepts.  Again, I grieve for not having been able to learn math in this manner!  What an opportunity for clarity and true understanding of stuff that sometimes doesn't lend itself to clarity and understanding.  I'm very optimistic about this program!   If you are too, then please throw your name into the hat and see what happens! 


  1. Soooo glad I found your blog on SHS. I have to check out the June giveaway for sure. MY DD (14) really needs this. She has dyslexia and such and is behind on math. Algebra has been a little too abstract for her. She is a right-brained learner, so this would be great. Thanks for sharing.


    Happily Homeschooling my special needs sweetie!

    My Attempt at Blogging

  2. I hope this blog can be of some help or provide you with ideas! Thanks for stopping by to have a look. I have learned a lot just by hanging out on SHS and really appreciate the homeschoolers there - a great group!

    ~ Vicki


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