Wednesday, June 15, 2011


We are wrapping things up around here and transitioning into summer blissed out living.  Figuring out what that means every day!  Our area has been inundated with smoke and ash from the giant fire that is raging in Arizona; it has made for interesting visibility and sunsets.  Having so much smoke from a fire that is hundreds of miles away kind of blows your mind!  If it's bad here, I really feel for the people who are having to deal with the actual fire.  The sky has offered up quite a color show, especially as the sun sets, and the light has just been plain weird.  Kind of a goldeny yellow that makes you feel like you're living on Mars.  Although, the light has been bueno for photography lately!  I've been out with the camera some taking pics of flowers, but haven't messed with any of the images yet.

At the end of the month (in less than 10 days - gulp!) I'll be participating in my first big art fair for New Mexico artists.  It's the 50th anniversary of the New Mexico Arts and Crafts fair and my work got juried in, so I'll be toting all of my prints, framed and canvas pieces there to be set up in a booth to hopefully sell a bunch of it!  I'm excited and nervous.  I surmise that it's going to be lots of fun, yet taxing.  Three very long days - guess I had better bring enough food to snack on and some protein bars to get me through!  If you are curious about my photography, here's the link to my Etsy shop or my website.   I hope that it is a successful weekend.

We have a trip to Colorado planned to do some hiking, soaking and relaxing.  We're going with another family, so Max will have a good time horsing around with their kids.  And then some time spent up in Angel Fire, New Mexico will round out the summer for the mountain fix (I am much more of a mountain girl than a water girl).  Max will also be attending a camp in August for some swimming and more horsing around.

As far as homeschool stuff, we are finishing up the language arts section on Time4Learning this week.  He's taking the state assessment tests right now and he also finished up their amazing art program.  I'm going to blog about that separately because it was such a treat.  Then Dad and Max will continue to work on math throughout the summer using Key Curriculum Press workbooks and we'll check in to see what Fred is doing in LOF.  Other than that the boy is free to just BE!  Me, too :)

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