Sunday, December 4, 2011

Great Dane Puppy

He's home!  He's loud.  He's cute.  He's got us all charmed.  Meet Cobus! 

Coby is six weeks old and weighs eleven pounds.  His little puppy brain is kind of overwhelmed - new house, new dogs, cats (gasp!), and a new schedule.  We were up most of the night last night........lots of screaming on his part.  He's pretty young to bring home, too.  Generally it's better to bring home a puppy at the seven or eight week mark.  He's the youngest guy we've ever had!  Today is already a step in the right direction because he's settling down in his pen and seems to be going with the flow more.  Whew.  Puppies are undeniably wonderful, but they come with some quirks, don't they?

I wonder how much homeschooling Max and I will be able to do next week! 

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