Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Holidays, Merry New Year!

I'm back!  Two weeks of new puppy has brought me to the verge.  He's pretty darn wonderful, but boy - you forget how much 'watching' they require!  It's all a blur, really.  Up and down during the nights, sleeping a lot during the day with all that growing he has to do.  At six weeks he weighed in at 11 pounds; at eight weeks he's up to 16 pounds already.  He grows like bamboo.

We managed pretty well to get some school work done, too.  I am passing the buck more and more to Max as far as responsibility for his work.  That's my job, isn't it?  To teach him to take responsibility for his life.  So, here we go!  We still read a lot together, but much of his seat work is being handled by his ever-expanding brain.  I have more to say about this in another post and will - but right now sleep is beckoning.  That wonderful puppy is going to be up in a few hours and he'll need to visit the stars outside.  We get lots of fresh air lately!  Here's a pic of Max and Coby from the week.  Learning all about leash training!

Have a safe, extra fun, grateful holiday and we wish you well in the New Year, too! 

Coby, eight weeks of age.  Yes, he's on the carpet!

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