Thursday, March 11, 2010

Clue Finders

Well, it all started with Carmen Sandiego, which led to me paying attention to the software company, which led to me looking up said software company, which led to finding all of this OTHER software.....this is how it always happens! Following these trails is exciting because the end result is usually good. Mapless, no global positioning system - just hunting for out-of-the-ordinary materials to make our school days more creative and fun.

The Learning Company produces a few noteworthy products for sure. We have thoroughly enjoyed chasing Carmen Sandiego hither and yon all over the globe, learning world geography along the way. She's just so darn slippery! Kind of like those games in Las Vegas, if you ask me - she's rigged to get away every time. The Learning Company is responsible for the Carmen Sandiego games and here are some others to hopefully get you and your kiddo excited:

Learn Essential Subjects in an Egyptian Adventure!

Math - Multiply the two numbers on the sign above each jeep to figure out which one can make it all the way to Cairo.

Reading - Build reading comprehension skills as you interpret reading passages and earn valuable Cairoglyphs to gain your next clue.

Geography - Master U.S. and world geography as you help ship packages around the world. Can you locate the city west of Denver?

Vocabulary - Learn antonyms, synonyms, and homonyms as you move blocks of stone one at a time to complete a sentence.

Science - Develop your knowledge of mass, force, and angle to construct a bridge across a river. Watch out for the crocodiles!

Math - Solve math problems with decimals as you stack the correct column sections to build a miniature palace.

Word Problems - Solve word problems to gain access into a mysterious ancient pyramid. More adventure awaits inside!

Spelling - Spell your way across the chasm to stop the evil archaeologist before he takes over. Be careful, one wrong letter can spell disaster!

***UPDATE AS OF 3/24/10: Well, I had high hopes for the above-mentioned software. I purchased it used on Amazon and we have stumbled upon some computer glitches. We are able to get maybe 15 minutes into the adventure and then the computer crashes. We've tried two different computers (Windows platform), to no avail. I'm really disappointed! I may contact The Learning Company to see if the problem can be resolved because what I saw of the game so far I really liked. Math, geography, history.......Max was having fun while it lasted. So, read the reviews and decide if you want to give it a try.

A tsunami, a lost island and a volcano ready to erupt add the adventure to this edition - this is probably the one we would start with.

Mutant plant warriors (?) threaten to take over a town and it's your job to protect it through sheer brain power!
All of these tap into math, reading, science, vocabulary, geography and spelling skills. They are formulated for your PC or Mac and are not expensive. Don't forget to check eBay or your local homeschool co-ops - you might be pleasantly surprised at the inexpensive or free materials floating around out there! Good luck on your hunt.

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