Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mysterious You Series

Max experienced his first blood draw as an 'aware' child today. I mean, this time he was old enough to piece together the information and realize that he was about to get stuck in the arm with a butterfly needle, 25 gauge to be exact. The last time blood was taken from him was when he was a newborn and that was the PKU heel stick - i.e. traumatic yet fleeting experience. Probably more traumatic for me, because I was postpartum and an emotional train wreck anyway. This time it was Max who carried on with the fits of tears (poor buddy) and I stayed steady.

The whole experience led to a conversation on the way home about blood and what the lab was going to do with it. Max was very curious and asked lots of questions, some of which I hadn't a clue as to how to answer. I couldn't remember how blood is typed and what type means - something about the histocompatibility complex, protein markers on the red blood cells, antigens.........in another life I knew this stuff! Poof. It's gone. An opportune moment to do some research and brush up! I have been pondering for a few months over a human body unit study, but will likely save it for next year. There are some exciting materials out there, so I'm stock-piling and tucking ideas away for when he's ready. Here's a series of books I ran into today while searching. There are seven or eight books in the series - some got good reviews, some reviewers claimed that the books were too busy, not enough real science offered. I was drawn to their somewhat goofy nature, the illustrations, and the sense of fun exploration they seem to possess. I think these look to be about perfect as supplementary materials to use. They are written for grades 4-6 and cover a range of topics, even genetic cloning.

I always attach links to the pictures, so click away if you want to find out more about each book!

Would answer some questions about today's trauma and drama (see above for explanation)

Most of these were written by Trudy Romanek and I'll post about a few of her other books shortly. She has a "how does this work" approach in her other books and a few of them look noteworthy.

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