Wednesday, March 10, 2010

School House Rocks

Conjunction junction, what's your function? 1970's, long hair, bell bottoms and the tv tuned to Saturday morning cartoons. Alpha Bits cereal in a bowl? My memory is sketchy about the props, but I'm convinced that these Schoolhouse Rock episodes helped me to learn grammar! Wouldn't it be fun to go back and watch these again, only this time with your kids? Long hair seems to be back in vogue - check. Bell bottoms might be hard to scrape up, but maybe bootleg jeans could be a nice substitute. And they still sell Alpha Bits, don't they? I wouldn't eat them now, though. Ick. Yep, found them. Here's a link: alpha bits cereal.

This series was huge back in the day and they were effective in teaching us. Do you remember how a bill goes through the process of becoming a law? I loved these and want Max to see some of them because I think they will help him put some concepts together in a different way than I can get across to him.

These are pricey new, so check for them at your library. Click on the links below each one for reviews and more information.

Most of my memories center around this one and Capitol Hill

Schoolhouse Rock: Earth
This one is about taking care of our environment

You, too, can learn about our national debt and fiscal responsibility!

There are numerous others to peruse if you so choose! The soundtracks are available, too. If your library doesn't carries these, don't hesitate to request that they start doing so!

Remember: Knowledge is Power! That's so Schoolhouse Rock, isn't it? I can't remember what Alpha Bits tasted like.

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